A Guide For Hiring A Towing Company

Having your car towed when it breaks down is one of those conveniences you never appreciate until you really need them. Being stranded can be terrifying, but having a towing company such as NK Towing come and get you and your...

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Should You Use The Collision Repair Shop Your Insurance Recommends?

After your car is damaged in a collision, one of your first things you usually do is call your insurance agent. Paying for vehicle repairs, at least partially, is one of the main reasons that you maintain a policy, after all....

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Three Improvements You Can Make To Your Taxi Cab Company To Increase Revenue

If you are in the taxi cab business, it is important for you to find ways to stand above the competition.  While a clean, comfortable taxi is certainly critical if you want to ensure repeat business, this may not be enough...

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How To Jump A Car Battery

Even though car batteries are charged by the alternator while the car is in motion, they can still die if they are put in use while the car’s engine is off or because of especially cold weather. In order to get your car up...

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3 Reasons To Lease Your Vehicle Instead Of Financing

When looking for a new car you will usually have the option to buy or lease. Leasing a new car is a great option because it can ensure that you are driving a newer car every few years. Three reasons to lease a car instead of...

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3 Reasons Why Tinting Your Windows Pays Off

The average cost of tinting the windows of a passenger car ranges from $100-$600, depending on the quality of the tint film being used. If you have a hard time justifying the expense of tinting your own windows, here are three...

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Three Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

You got into your car this morning only to find that your car will not start. You want to know what the problem is so that you can get it started again. The following steps can help you figure out what’s not wrong with...

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Doing A Thorough Inspection And Test Drive Before Buying That First Used Car

Used cars are a good deal because people often trade in cars that still have many years of use. If you know little about cars, take your time to look the car over carefully and take good notes. Pay attention to the sounds and...

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Professional Painting

man professionally repainting a car You don’t have to do the painting on your own. Professional painting can be explored to get the desired look.

Chips and Scratches

man polishing a car A chip or scratch in the paint can be addressed without an entire repaint. Make sure that you know the steps to repair them correctly.

Car Repainting

professional painting equipment spraying pink paint There are many reasons why you would want to repaint your car. Learn the steps to repaint your car correctly.